I am spiritually motivated to help people who are struggling with their experiences find the causes and transform themselves and the situation.  The following poem by the poet, Rumi, a famous 13th century Sufi, speaks to me about how I work in my counselling practice.


“When inward tenderness finds the secret hurt,

pain itself will crack the rock and,  ahhh! 

Let the soul emerge!"



Counselling and Private Breath Sessions

I have been practicing energy healing (similar to Reiki) for over 30 years.  I am a certified registered counsellor (RPC) yoga teacher,  meditation teacher, and Clarity Breath work practitioner. 


My combination of skills supports others in growing from life's challenges and working towards a healing shift in perspective and experience. 


I am working with Evolve Wellness Centre in Vancouver.


102 - 2025 W. Broadway 


I am doing counselling, Clarity breathwork sessions and a 3rd option of combining breath sessions and counselling.  


At this time, all sessions are online. 


You can email me at:


to book your sessions.


For more information please go to the counselling page

What is Clarity Breathwork? 


Clarity Breathwork came out of the 'rebirthing' movement in the 70's.  It is a particular full breath breathing technique that takes you through a portal to a different kind of experiencing. 

We know that simply  focusing on breath when we are upset does this too.  We can come out of re active behaviour by focusing on our breath.... the possibility is there to come into a different kind of experiencing.


This  method of breath focus takes us into a deeper place of awareness. By sustaining the breath technique there is an opening to release more deeply and at the same time have access to our highest insight and clarity.   The experience helps us build the place inside us that elevates and sustains us.


Client Feedback:



"To be lost and fearful is not an uncommon thing, but it can bring life to its knees and seem insurmountable. In all this uncertainty of one thing I am convinced, and that is that the opportunity to heal resides in every heart. The time for this is always now. This journey is so profound and enlightening it is life-altering.I am so grateful and fortunate to have Deedee patiently, and with tremendous compassion, guide me towards my higher purpose."



-P. Martin


Clinics & Classes





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Body Rolling and Yoga are continuing at West Vancouver United Church. 

9:30 - 11:00 on Tuesday's.


At this time I can't commit to a series of classes. 

Classes are proceeding week to week.  Cost $20.00

Covid guidelines are in place with sanitizing, spacing, and masks.   Check with me before coming as numbers are now restricted. 


We are living in quickly changing, let go and adapt,  "reset", times.   Myself and the regular people who come are finding that being together with the intention of coming into alignment in our bodies and with our spirit supports us as we continue to step into an expanded sense of ourselves.   Connecting always with our Light. 

Classes are more potent these days. 

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In 2002 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a total of 6 surgeries. The major surgery was a mastectomy & reconstruction.


This is when I really learned about body rolling. In surgery your body contracts towards the surgery site. I had been doing yoga and body rolling before the surgery....Read more


loving kindness

.                           ..Read more



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"Each time, the time spent on the mat with you and the rest of our little collective, blossoms into the most synchronous 'meant to be' moments in the hours and days that spring forth upon walking down the stairs after class and out into the world.I am most grateful for this class."




"Deedee Poyner is truly a delight to be around. She is an amazing listener and her concise, heart-felt advices ring with truth and realization. I consider myself very very lucky to know Deedee and consider her one of the best counselor's around."  -MD



“2 years ago I was diagnosed with a neurological condition which scared the shit out of me. Deedee made sure I was comfortable and every session met me where I was at in that moment.Her skill and experience as a counsellor navigated through my unconscious defences. She even allowed me address her by a nickname, ‘Deeds’.Deeds was a beacon of hope through the darkest time of my life. She’s compassionate, intelligent and professional with effective strategies and resources to aid the healing process.In short, Deeds is an awesome human being. “

-Dustin AndersonNanaimo BC