I work primarily with individuals who deal with post traumatic stress disorder, chronic unhappiness, anxiety, addictions and generally with people who are transitioning with life changes.  


I work with children teaching them energy awareness tools like grounding. I use subtle sensing, breath work, drawing, imaging and 'loving self' practice working with kids.  


I also work with people who are just experiencing a ‘bump on the road’ and need a little support.


I use a variety of techniques depending on appropriateness. Some of them are: Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, transformative circular breath work  and Lifespan Integration, Energy Awareness, Energy Reading, Energy Healing, Breath work and meditation. I find that using the combination of traditional counselling techniques with energy work supports getting to the "heart of the matter".  I then have many tools to offer to promote healing.


 I am spiritually motivated to help people who are struggling with their experiences find the causes and transform themselves and the situation.


The following poem by the poet, Rumi, a famous 13th century Sufi, speaks to me about how I work in my counselling practice. 


“When inward tenderness finds the secret hurt,

pain itself will crack the rock and aaah!

Let the soul emerge!"


For me counselling naturally grew out of teaching yoga.


After participating in a yoga class often we are more open and available to share our personal journey particularly if we are in transition or healing crises. It is fairly common for students to approach me for counsel at this time. They would let me know how much the class was helping them with their struggles and how the tools they were learning played out in their personal lives. They would experience a taste of how the practice of yoga could be life changing and would want to have personal time with me to see how to amplify what they were learning in yoga class and directly apply it to their situation.


 I started doing energy healing in 1986. It is also known as 'healing touch'. This is a powerful tool that supports people with their self healing to become aware of blockages in their energy system and engage in their healing work at a deep level. The blockages keep us in repetitive patterns. This work includes meditation techniques. I have taught many ‘Energy Awareness’ workshops over the last 25 years which includes meditation techniques. Since 2004 - 2013 I was I involved in intensive Buddhist studies and meditation.


I have completed many Asian Classics Institute courses from Diamond Mountain University in Arizona. I have also taught numerous Tibetan Heart Yoga and meditation workshops. Tibetan Heart Yoga belongs to the Gelukpa tradition of the Dalai Lamas of Tibet and is a very powerful practice combining yoga and meditation. The Buddhist influence is philosophical and adds a depth and clarity to thought. It is not a means to indoctrinate my views.


At the same time I completed a Basic Counseling Certification at Vancouver Community College. My 8 month practicum for counselling certification was at V.A.S.T. (Vancouver Association for Survivors of Torture). Here I had an amazing hands on opportunity to work with people with post traumatic stress disorder. I am a member of the Canadian Professional Counselling Assoc. C.P.C.A. Some extended health programs will cover counselling from a certified C.P.C.A. counsellor.


I have been working at Pacifica Treatment Centre since 2010. This is a live-in drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre. I lead 2 ‘mindfulness classes’ there a week. The feedback strongly supports the value of mindfulness work in self healing with addictions.