Find an end to chronic unhappiness and/or anxiety.

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Please call or email to register and book your private session before the start date of the program.


Please also get the book: 


The Presence Practice

by Michael Brown.

We engage in Presence Process work & Meditation Therapy with the intention of transforming dis-ease in the body. It is for people suffering from anxiety, chronic unhappiness and/or going through a life transition.


The course involves committing gently to a meditation practice & includes 2 private counselling/energy healing sessions; one before the group sessions start and one at the end of the course.


The group sessions will be a combination of discussion, sharing & meditation practice. 





"Deedee’s class is profoundly helpful for anyone with a tendency towards depression or anxiety; in fact, it is helpful for anyone who wants to lead a happier and more aware life. Deedee has a warm, compassionate manner and brings a depth of personal experience and wisdom to her classes. Her “Sigh of Relief” class is truly a life-changing experience."


-Psychologist and School Counsellor


" I have worked with Deedee several times over the past 25 years. Recently I helped her to lead a Sigh of Relief and due to family commitments let go of my leadership in the program.  Being a part of a program led by Deedee, whether a student or co-leader, is rich, fun and enlightening. Deedee’s calm and welcoming presence creates a safe and comfortable atmosphere to share one’s own experience of anxiety and depression.  The tools Deedee teaches in A Sigh of Relief are simple and easy to learn. They are excellent for self-care, helping us, anyone, to be with uncomfortable experiences in life-giving ways. I highly recommend A Sigh of Relief."


-Spiritual Mentor and Teacher Carol Anne de Balinhard MATS, CPCA


"I want to thank you for the incredible, insightful, and professional content of you course, “A Sigh of Relief”. Your guidance has truly made a profound effect on my way of looking at and dealing with life.  How the course would be conducted and the relationship we would have and respect of the other participants.


One thing I learned from you is how to watch my thoughts, and when they go into negative “default grooves” knowing that I can change my thought patterns by moving them into a meaningful meditation that resets those patterns. Some days I have to work harder than others. However, I am able to change my thought patterns and emotions. I can do it! I am doing it!


I found Skillful Strategies that work for me personally, so that I can live my life with out chronic unhappiness and depression.  You taught me how to meditate in a very positive, structured manner, you gave me the tools to help myself. You were always happy and willing to clarify or explain, and flexible enough to approach a difficult situation from another angle whenever necessary.


I had been struggling with my issues for a very long time, and together with other work I have been doing toward becoming well, taking your course helped me to turn the corner and feel genuinely well again,  At last.


I am most grateful to you, Deedee, for all of your guidance. You have such a depth and breadth of knowledge that you share. To top this off you are a most warm and embracing lady and I feel blessed that you have come into my life ad have helped me with my healing."